21st Office Gentleman's Club

Str. Doamnei Nr.9 , Bucharest


21st Office Gentleman's Club

Whenever you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, in an intimate and warm setting, we are waiting for you here. Every client will be rewarded with unique moments. 21st Office is a striptease club that offers confidentiality, comfort, relaxation at accessible prices and last but not least beautiful and sexy ladies which will make you feel wonderful.

Everything you ever dreamed about striptease can become a reality here. We are certain that at 21st Office you will find the most pleasing and blazing atmosphere.

We are here to hear your ideas and make them a reality. We host mall events but also corporate events. Bring us your ideas end we will turn all your dreams into reality.

The time you spend at 21st Office Gentleman's Club will help you forget about all your problems, your daily stress and really enjoy life.



Venue name:  21st Office Gentleman's Club


Address:   Str. Doamnei nr 9, Bucharest, Romania

Opening Hours

Monday-Sunday 10:30pm-7am

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