About us 

The popularity of a magazine such as “Bucharest Metropolitan Guide” with both the audience and advertisers alike, lies in its broad editorial approach. This allows for an enormous variety of visual and written information to coexist within the covers of the publication. Despite the fact that readers are increasingly focusing more on themselves, the magazine has found an editorial format that is having a profound effect on the market place.


The “Bucharest Metropolitan Guide” issues feature global trends to provide its readers with an international view, from the comfort of their favorite hospitality outlet.


The magazine showcases eco advertorials, high tech gadgets, concept cars, fashion, travel destinations, health and wellness, as well as leading articles about the food industry and restaurant reviews. It presents both professional photo shoots and interesting perspectives relating to the newly opened venues in town.


The Guide strives to always provide its audience with “test-drives” of the most eye catching gadgets. It also features some of the world’s most stylish people giving thematic interviews.

Published monthly, the magazine is bilingual and is designed by a team of designers and illustrators that create each issue an absolute feast for the eyes.