Chez Toni Restaurant

Str. Glodeni nr. 3, Sector 2, Bucuresti
Lebanese Cuisine



In order to preserve an authentic Lebanese ethos, all our food is freshly prepared and cooked to order. Certain dishes may therefore have a longer cooking time, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine right in the heart of Bucharest.

Located within the grounds of "Pescariu Sports and Spa" complex, on the bank of Lacul Tei, the restaurant Chez Toni, invites you to delight your senses with the flavours of the Mediterranean, with the traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Serving as a perfect depiction of the Mediterranean diet, synonymous with healthy cookery, the dishes are based on an abundance of fruits, vegetables and fresh veal, lamb, chicken and fish. The herbs, the spices, the freshness of the ingredients are the components which led to the world - wide appreciation of Lebanese cuisine. This cooking combines the erudition and subtlety of European cooks with exotic elements pertaining to the Middle East and Far East.

Our restaurant is at your service with a wide-ranging traditional Lebanese menu, which incorporates freshly cooked dishes that are sure to satisfy any tastes: salads, cold and warm entrees, roasts, sweets and fruit juice. The creativity of the team - who has experience on an international scale, will do their best to spellbind your taste buds with foods that will exceed expectations.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 70 people; the landscape is completed with the summer garden and lounge equipped with 3 turrets(can accommodate up to 80 people), where you can unwind and enjoy the specialties, alongside a hookah prepared with fresh fruit.

Chez Toni offers to host private parties and other special events in your life.


Venue name:  Chez Toni Restaurant


Address: Str. Glodeni nr . 3 , Sector 2, (Pescariu Sports&SPA), Bucuresti 

Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday 12pm-12am

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