La Terrazza Restaurant

St. Carol Davila, nr. 56A ,Bucharest
Italian Cuisine

La Terrazza Restaurant

Situated in the historical quarter of Cotroceni in Bucharest, Carol Davila 56 A Street, the restaurant bar pizzeria La Terrazza express the flavor and finesse of Mediterranean cuisine.

Inside its comfortable halls the Italian food culture and wine lovers realize that we intend to present only Italian products carefully selected with great passion. Also, we transform the raw materials in the dishes creating new recipes and reproducing flavors and fragrances that evoke the brightness typical of the Mediterranean regions.

La Terrazza can satisfy the most refined palates, delighting his clients with a variety of cocktails and appetizers, and live music events that create a unique atmosphere. Also workshops are frequent with highly qualified professionals where interesting social/professional topics are discussed.

The chef uses fresh ingredients to build a combination of flavors and sensations with delicious and surprising meals. Enjoy pizza, pasta and a selection of quality main dishes, made with care and served with soul.

There are different acknowledgments received by institutions such as the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania (certificate of quality), the Italian Kitchen Academy (silver platter), Italian Excellence in the world (certificate of excellence), Fondazione Italiani in Europa (certificate of excellence), Tripadvisor (certificate of excellence) and the highest appreciation is that one from our clients to whom La Terrazza and his staff dedicate all attention to achieve the quality they deserve.

For those who plan to host a very important event, we provide large comfortable halls inside the restaurant or also, in warm season, the outside terrace, that together with special menu for special occasions guarantee the success of unforgettable moments.

If it’s your birthday, La Terrazza will make you a gift: besides the warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will enjoy 10% discount on the entire bill and the Sunday get 10% discount on our products!


Venue name:  La Terrazza Restaurant


Address: St. Carol Davila, nr. 56A , Bucharest

Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday 10am-12am

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