Old Habits Bucharest

Str Lipscani nr 38, Bucharest Old Town 


Old Habits - Always Better Together

Old Habits, situated on 38 Lipscani Street has a beautiful story. Established in the Historical Area of Bucharest we've been around for eight fantastic years - an age in this town - during which time we have become a magnet for people from all over the world. Old Habits, the child born from the famous Old City Club, serves up more than a glimpse of the hedonistic nightlife for which Romania is so well-known. Our doors are open every day of the week for lunch, dinner and great clubbing experience. Here you will find a place where you can celebrate, relax and enjoy some drinks and food in a pleasant environment.


Venue name:  Old Habits Bucharest


Address:   Str. Lipscani nr 38, Bucharest Old Town, Romania

Opening Hours :  Monday-Sunday 10am-5am

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