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Sheraton SkyView Pool

Skyview Pool was projected to complete the entire Sheraton 5 stars experience and was created as relaxation area.


Unleash your inner strength and benefit from personal training , cardio programs and special aerobic classes

Spa Center - Snagov Club

Your body is your temple and it fully deserves all a 5-star Spa Center can offer – up-to-the-minute equipments and impeccable services. 

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Ava Smile 

Facial Aesthetics and Stomatology

The smile is always fashionable. Ava Smile leads to the top level the dental health through investing in equipment, and by training the team, promoting innovation and respecting the highest standards of quality, making it a goal to continue to put smiles on the every patient's face.

Rozalia Bot Fashion Designer

All women dream grace and beauty and are designed to shine and be admired. 

Take the multi-colored flowery handmade embroidery for instance: my unique touch, my never-ending love for traditional motives and yet, my vision of modern, invite you all to identify yourselves with my fashion proposals. 


ZeedDent Clinic

Dr Rafael Zeed : I get involved and put my soul in everything I do, so I can offer my patients dental services and treatments to the highest quality standards that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. I keep a close relationship with my patients in order to know the aesthetic needs, the dental problems.